Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Address

The street where I lived in New Hampshire was quiet, rural, yet, the name of my street conjured up associations with the big city: Downing Street.

Now I live 45 minutes from the big city, and the name of the street where I live is very rural:

P E A C H T R E E R O A D.

Of course, I didn’t have any second thoughts spelling “Peachtree” in one word - following a habit of the German language to add nouns like pearls on a string.

Some friends whom I’d given my new contact information seemed to disagree, sending letters addressed to Peach Tree Road, or Peach-Tree Road.

I was puzzled. I had taken the spelling from the street sign - or was I mistaken?

One day, I went out and inspected the street signs. There are three of them, and this is what I found:

Here is another way of expressing it, but I'm not sure it is compatible with the post office:

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