Friday, November 13, 2009

Letting go

The hardest part of the creative process is letting go. Letting go of the image you created, the character in the story, the melody that came to your mind. 
Maybe the character of the story will become the hero of a different story, the melody become a new song, but for the moment, you have to take leave. You were just getting used to each other, and letting go is hard.  
You put in time and energy that appear wasted now. All you have created is another dead end, it seems. 
You get attached to the things you create. If you don’t, your heart isn’t in it. Nothing thrives without passion and commitment. 
Sometimes the fear of having to let go can prevent you from setting out on the journey in the first place. 
You bring an idea to life, and you have a concept of how it ought to work and what it ought to be. As it grows, it develops a character and a life of its own. You can’t force it into being something that it is not.  

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