Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Magic of the Snow

Just as I was getting ready to post these pictures last night, the power went out! Today the snowstorm has passed, the power is back and school children in New Jersey were enjoying their second day off.
New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey don't look that different under the snow.
Enjoy the pictures, before it all melts away

Central Park, Sheep Meadow

They shoot movies in any kind of weather - at least I think that's what they were doing

Central Park, Sheep Meadow

Rollins Park, Concord, NH 2007

Alice in Wonderland, Central Park


Getting back into the house was a challenge

........but I managed at last.

(View of the neighborhood from the music room.)

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  1. Birgit,
    My new teacher suggested that I practice the G minor scale, chord inversions, and arpeggios in order to help me adjust......"kinetically" the G minor Chopin Nocturne. Sadly, she is obviously unaware that this is a flawed scale, as there are left over fingers........both top and BOTH hands!! I can't wait for my next lesson so I can tell her! Actually, this will probably be my last lesson with her, as I plan to give up the piano and take up knitting!! Bob Smith