Friday, August 31, 2012

The Best of Cappuccina (April 28, 1995 - August 30, 2012)

Studio Cat

Posing with the Studio Giraffe

Maintaining the Music Library

Teaching Assistant

 Favorite Activities

Travel Cat - her biggest trip: Cologne Germany to Concord, New Hampshire USA

Computer Specialist
Drinking water from a glass by the sink

Quilting Assistant

Looking out the kitchen window
Observation of Wildlife - Eye to Eye with the Squirrel

Fishing for Tea Bags

Recording Engineer - or just another warm place?

The Bach- Expert

Back- up for the Answering Machine

Favorite Places

Her favorite place on the radiator

Between the burners on the gas stove

On the warming pad we got last winter

Sun bathing under the piano - the last picture of her, taken 8/23/2012

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